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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  March 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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reporter: a crime alert. an armed man robbing people in the parking lot. >> a brushfire came dangerously close. reporter: clear skies, cold temperatures and a frost advisory. reporter: another multi million dollar judgment for hulk hogan. reporter: we start with a fox 35 crime alert. innocent people getting terrorized in parking lots. police are searching for two
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people this morning. reporter: here is a sketch of who the police are looking for. >> four quick crimes with a gun in four apartment and condo complexes. take a look at surveillance video and composite sketch and see if you can help snag to armed robbers. a quick clip shows two suspects leaving one of the crime scenes. detectives tell me they are looking for two young men in their early 20s wearing sweatshirts. investigators say early this morning they pointed a gun at four different victims and stole their belongings. >> it's scary. it was real scary. reporter: he's surprised to learn someone was held up in the parking lot here.
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to be on the lookout like all of us should be. reporter: police say the robbers also struck at the springs colony apartments. the bod guys approached people in the parking lot and pulled out a gun. they snatched belongings and quietly walked away. >> it's terrifying, especially not knowing about it until they got home. reporter: detectives warn anyone going out late at night to be extra careful. >> i do, because i have a dog so i walk her a little bit later. i'll be more aware. reporter: thankfully nobody was hurt during these four armed robberies. if you can help get niece guys busted you could get a cash reward. call crimeline tonight with your
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robbed will be kiewferredding with thank. reporter: glenn says yes, it's true. reporter: the first full week of spring and we are going in the wrong direction. here is what bob did not believe. ocala snowy, frost advisory for tonight. also down toward brooksville. from here to here, you are telling me there won't be any frost? there is a possibility of frost. so again the frost is not -- does not know county lines. 53 in sanford. here are the forecast lows. 45 to 38.
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a little bit better. look at mid-40s, then coast. downtown we have clear skies. 54 degrees. the forecast through the weekend is coming up. >> you can track the weather, 24/7 by downloading our free weather app. or you can text iphone or android to 8057. a warning from orange county deputies. a teen aged boy was shot and killed. andrea: no one is coming forward to say who pulled the trigger. tiffany teasley reports. reporter: deputies continue to investigate what led up to the fatal shooting of a teen aged boy in broad daylight. they are asking the community
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a teenaged boy shot and killed near a playground and church. >> there were a number of people, teenaged and others. reporter: sheriffs deputies say multiple shot were fired, hitting one person, a teenaged boy. a worker at a nearby apartment complex tried to perform cpr, by the was too late. investigators say some sort of gathering was taking place shortly before this shooting, but no potential witnesses are coming forward. reporter: detectives tell me although there were multiple persons who may have seen something, we are receiving limited to no information.? reporter: investigators say this is one of many shootings in this area and they are urging anyone who may know something to come forward. >> the sheriff is continuing to
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leaders, neighborhood@ associations, especially people who may with witnessed this crime, to come forward and say something about it. reporter: investigators are not releasing the name of that teenaged boy who was shot and killed. deputies are asking anyone who may have information on the shooting or suspect to contact the orange county sheriff's office. reporting from orange county, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. bob: we are learning more about what led to the death of an honors student. he was playing around with his girlfriend when he grabbed a gun from someone else in the home and put it up to destiny's head. he said the two of them were laying side by side and he said he thought the gun wasn't
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the two tee angers had been dating if for five years. contained. andrea: tracy has the latest. reporter: there are no flames. that's the good news. by 6:30 firefighters had this brushfire 100% contained. but we have a fire truck out here tonight and some firefighters. they are doing a walkthrough. they are going to carefully monitor the hotpots. a little bit of smoke out here but so far nothing to worry about. we first caught up with chip lewis before the flames broke out in the avalon neighborhood.
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make sure the embers were going everywhere. reporter: the cause is unknown. but what we do know is extremely dry conditions and wind fueled the fire. >> because there is so much of this timber it can pick up and fly and move around. these flames when we started looking at our windows were a treeline. >> i was scared, like i don't know, i'm freaked out. okay? reporter: her father gave her permission to talk to us. but he didn't want to go on camera. but her neighbor did. >> the first thing that went through my mind is i have got to get out of here. it was terrifying. fast. reporter: no one evacuated. no homes damaged. firefighters flocked down the
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out of the park. crews will be out here all night long monitoring the hotpots. back to you. reporter: a scare for park-goers at animal kingdom. fox 35 viewers shared his video with us showing guests evacuating the building. disney says the cause of the fire is still under investigation. an atlas 5 rocket carrying 8,000 pounds of supplies to the international space station. fox 35 will bring you that launch live. he is charged with murder. but he's claiming self-defense. now the man waiting to stand trial is speaking only with fox 35. >> i would love to see this case
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proud in public again. bob: we'll hear more about his fight to use a stand your ground defense. a second victory tore hulk hogan as a jury delivers another body slam to gawk 'er. going to the grocery store could be an errand you tell your
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. 444444444444 bob: another victory for
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andrea: the jury awarded punitive damages. reporter: hulk hogan left court smiling and thanking the jury that awarded him a total of $140 million. friday jurors awarded hogan $115 million for the emotional and economic distress they figured he suffered after "gawker" posted video of him having sex with his friends's wife. he said he didn't know he was being record and his privacy was going violated. the jury hammered "gawker" again to the tune of $121 million in damages. >> we protected people from going through what i went
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bob: one juror said viewing the video convinced her he didn't know he was being taped. she says she hopes the verdict sends a message to the media industry. "gawker"'s lawyers called the verdict devastating. >> we heard the jiewr's decision and look forward to going to the appeals court where the law will follow and all the facts are known. reporter: while the case is far from done, hogan feels vindicated and he thanked his fans. >> people treat me like i'm the champ and i'm supported. it's cool to be in this community and feel the love from everybody. andrea: the presidential
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american is rail'. >> we need steady hands. well, my friends, israel's security is non-negotiable. >> her policies didn't work. look at libya and anything you want to look at. they haven't worked. andrea: trump describes himself as pro-israel but said he would portray an air of neutrality to promote peace talks with the palestinians. tomorrow arizona is a big freeze since the winner takes all 58 delegates.
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of cuba a band played the star spangled banner to welcome the president to the cuban presidential palace. this is the first time an american president has traveled to cuba in nearly 90 years. >> i affirm cue bombs d i affirm cuba's destiny will not be determined by the united states or any other country. the future of cuba will be decided by cubans, not anybody else. bob: differences include human rights issues. the cuban government is accused of putting those in criticize
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reporter: as you walk count streets you can't help but notice the classic american cars like this old chevy. it's a i that was sealed off to american for 50 years is bustling with american tourists. on the street corners of old havana. while many people told us to back off with our camera, most welcomed us and our money. >> he man came up and started talking to us. and he showed us around. he made us feel like we were there. reporter: jordan is 18 and on her first trip to cuba. her father brought his whole family along to witness a turning point in history. >> they are friendly people who are warm and open to america. reporter: never who noticed the
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talk about the big game between tampa bay and cuba. reporter: major league baseball is wise in choosing this franchise, this team. because of who they are as players. reporter: they also hope it will drive more changes to come. reporter: this lime green vintage chevy is only part of our tour this week.` at 10:00 and 11:00 we'll take you to what the tour guys call real havana. reporter: tomorrow president obama will give a televised speech to the cuban people. andrea: a high school senior
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girlfriend got a prom-posal. he device a plan to ask her to the big dance. he dressed up like a doctor, and -- >> she said yes. >> my mom told her i was getting an ekg done. but i was coming down here to get prepared for this. when i was ready, i surprised her. >> he said, i need your help coming up with a way to ask my girlfriend to prom. i was so excited. i was jumping up and down. >> it was a big surprise. >> he's already committed to play auburn university next year. we hope you have a wonderful prom. reporter: still ahead. an accused killer says he deserves to be a free man.
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i dropped the gun and screams. interview. what he says happened the night a man was killed in his mateland home. glenn: . >> the storm system and thunderstorms overnight. reporter: the robotic stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms
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>> instead going up, we are going down. live radar currently the rain-free skies. the frost advisory in effect. especially through marion countien point north and west. frost likely in those locations. 46 in melbourne tonight. the on lirches will be tomorrow morning. 5 in grainsville. 38 up toward ocala. by 8 to 8:30 temperatures beginning to rebound into the mid 40s.
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around 8:00 to 8:30. temperatures hopping back up into the 50s. 51 up toward palm coast. the air is dry. 30 up in ocala. a nice comfortable dry air mass. when you get that you get great visibility. an east-northeasterly wind. another chilly night, then a warming trend begins tomorrow. and it continues going up after that. rain as we approach the upcoming weekend. a good chance for showers and storms saturday and sunday. 60 degree in miami. 47 up across the panhandle, across the whole southeastern
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all the way up through the carolinas. you know up through ohio and get through southern illinois and back out toward texas as clear as can be. air is nice and dry. we have a lot of sunshine still on the way. here is a look at our forecast high temperatures tomorrow. 73 in ocala. 73 toward melbourne. with that sunshine and the nice dry air we are looking good. 75 degree tomorrow. thursday we are in the 80s. there is that chance of rain as we approach the weekend. >> i was the victim. i was assaulted in my own home. andrea: he will go before a judge. but tonight he tells us why he thinks he shouldment can
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murder. (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a
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xxp| >> i believe that the truth will show that i acted in self-defense.
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first time from accused killer bruce fuller. investigators say in 2011 he killed an acquaintance. bob: he sat down with fox 35 to tell his side of the story. he says he was standing his ground and this is a case of self-defense. reporter: bruce fuller is accused of murdering a 35-year-old in his maitland home in 2011. police found the man dead on a bedroom floor and a black semiautomatic handgun next to him. >> i was the victim, i was assaulted in my own home. reporter: according to fuller, the california businessman asked if he could spend the weekend.
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saw him arguing with a stranger with light hair and blue eyes. he says when he asked who the man was. the victim game agitated. according to fuller alam had a gun which he kept at fuller's home when he travels in florida. >> i picked the gun up and i emptied the round out of the clip. he said alam struggled for the gun arch he threatened to call 911 for help. >> he grabbed the gun that was sitting there. and i dropped the phone on the suitcase to wrestle for the gun. i knew i had emptied the gun so i didn't think it was armed. reporter: fuller says he used
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>> i swung the gun at him a444444444444hit him in the head thinking that would give me an exit out of the wound, at which time he grabbed the gun more like arm wrestling, not a brawl it was all upper body wrestling. and the gun went off. he said blood spattered on him. >> everything stood still, that deafening sownl and he slumped down and fell back. i dropped the gun and i screamed. i don't know what i said. and i stepped over him and went to the bathroom. i thought i was going to get sick. reporter: a year and a half later a grand jury brought murder charges. but fuller and his attorney are asking for a jng to dismiss the case. >> i don't have remorse for
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reporter: fuller accuses the police of ignoring a polygraph. >> both examinations mr. fuller passed with flying colors. reporter: an says the police ignored the story about the angry stranger. but the police call the polygraph unreliable. they released a statement saying this is an open case pending trial and we don't comment on open case. the arrest report says fuller's statements were not consistent with evidence at the scene. the report states that fuller was impaired by alcohol. the odor of alcohol coming off his breath. >> i was not influenced that morning by alcohol or
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i believe that the truth will show that i acted in self-defense. reporter: in the arrest report the death was ruled a homicide by means after gunshot. but fuller says the autopsy shows the evidence was consistent with self-defense. >> mr. alam came back with an alcohol level almost double the legal driving limit. reporter: fuller says it's been a living nightmare but he's holding on to hope. >> i would love to see this case dismissed and be able to walk proud in public again. reporter: the stand your ground
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if a judge dismisses the case then fuller's trial in april will be canceled. bob: fuller is charged with sexual battery on a woman that same tight. the state issues a missing child alert for 12-year-old jaden ramirez. if you know where she is you are asked to call 911. andrea: if you drive late at night on interstate 4 in orlando. >> two police officers are under investigation accused of lying about a drug case.
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about some work going on on the 417. we'll have one lane closed in both directs. this work will continue from 9:00 to 6:00 a.m. and it end thursday. take you out to rolling roadblocks, this will continue until 5:00 in the morning. you can always check out traffic and construction updates on your
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>> a teenager is dead after police say they were forced to shoot him. it turns out the begun was actually a fake. desmond called 911 yesterday saying he was going to kill himself. he said if he had to he would force law enforcement to kill him. police say desmond initially put down what was thought to be a real gun but picked it back up forcing the officers to shoot him. reporter: deputies and officers had no choice but to employ lethal force. the officers are on paid leave. five investigators are from the sheriff's office and four are
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if you drive late at night. >> they are ready for some very, very slow going this week. we are talk about a rolling roadblock. tonight keith landry tells us why. reporter: rolling roadblocks will start here very early tomorrow morning and they will crawl all the way westbound to kirkman road. this has been going on tuesday, wednesday and thursday morning of this week. them do the rolling roadblocks two times each morning been midnight and 5:00 a.m. crews need to work right on the i-4 lanes to install steel beams for a new bridge. the rolling rod block will buy them time to do their work. state troopers will slow traffic down to 20 miles an hour. from there the speed will
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the way to kirkman road. no cars will be able to get on to hurricanes 4 westbound ahead of the rolling roadblocks. if you are driving on the i-4 late this week you can expect serious delays. bob: before the robots and arnold schwarzenegger take over the world ... we'll take to you washington, d.c. where a company is testing the delivery robots and hope they will go nationwide. glenn: the forecast here in
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colder. bob: a brand-new company found way for robots to deliver things right to your door. andrea: they are being tested in washington, d.c. reporter: what's that coming down the sidewalk? it could be your takeout meal, maybe some fresh groceries, all being delivered by a robot.
10:45 pm
it's turning heads. >> they had the amazon drones, but this is completely different. reporter: two founders of sciem created the company star ship. the delivery robot has been designed roll down the sidewalk, and a half gait stop signs and d navigate stosm stop signs and lights. the process is easy. you ordinary ware wants on your cell phone. lit a button and then the robot comes your way. once the robot arrives. it stops where you are at. turns around and you hit a button on your cell phone and it opens up and turns green and you get your delivery. washington, d.c. has been chosen
10:46 pm
a councilmember who is the chairman of the transportation committee will present the robot. >> i'm excited about it. it's the kind of innovation that helps us in so many ways. it will be environmentally beneficial. reporter: the robot can even have a conversation with you. a person at the operations center is able to communicate with a customer or pedestrians along the way. gps technology will notify police if it's taken or damaged. >> i have had on positive responses. andrea: a consumer alert. if you own an older amazon kindle. the clock is ticking to just
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go to glenn rrp we have a few dlen we have a -- glenn: we have a future, bob. bob: we do. glenn rsh .the forecast is looking good. the skies are clear and it will stay that way through the overnight hours. ocala, gainesville in the white. a frost advisory does continue. temperatures for tonight getting back down mainly into the 30s. so it's going to be quite chilly out there. temperatures getting down into the 30s and mid-40s around metro orlando. definitely a chilly start. temperatures did warm up to 65 or 66. normally we should be in the upper 70s.
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46 up in gainesville and the wind coming in out of the north very light. if the breeze were to come in direct off the ocean, it would warm up. but it's coming from georgia. so it look like we'll continue to day chilly for tonight. a dry breeze. at times the flow in the atmosphere is from the north. here is our planner for tomorrow. upper 40s at 8:00 a.m. 75 by 2:00 p.m. lots of sunshine and the breeze coming in mainly from the north. a shot of cool with the but it will slide east. in it place, warm up right there. 70 in albuquerque. it's warmer in denver, colorado than it is here. it's even warmer in oklahoma, nebraska. we want to take you up toward
10:50 pm
the high pressure will move out later tomorrow. still plenty of sunshine. as we get into thursday morning, the moisture444444444444 to build. take it closer as we head into late thursday and early friday. here comes the front. this is friday, early morning hours at 5:00 a.m. thunderstorms out over the gulf of mexico. our chance of rain will begin to friday. but then the front will get tuck right over us. so that means more moisture begins to move in from the gulf of mexico. that's the reason why as we get into the day and sunday. we have a chance of rain and thunderstorms. 79 wednesday. there is your 0% chance for some rain and storm this weekend. you can always get my update and
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reporter: cindy lauper is ready to have fun in orlando. congratulations to ocean sun brewing. newest brewery in central florida opens their doors today. florida residents can buy an annual pass to seaworld orlando. the deal will cost $168.
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andrea: two florida dad ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh hush my darling... don't fear my darling... the lion sleeps tonight. hush my darling... don't fear my darling... the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.]
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yet another innovation
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andrea: . two tampa dad are behind a life-saving invention to prevent hot car deaths. they designed a bluetooth enabled device called sense a live. the car door opens alerting the driver that a child is in the back seat. the phone alert will continue to go after until you silence it.
10:58 pm
a second parent or caregiver an alert. >> we were tired of hearing the sad stories and seeing the agony on parents' faces. this is such a pig problem that can be solved with a simple solution. andrea: the two dad and business partners say they had filed for a patent for their invention. coming up next on fox 35 news at 11:00. we'll tell you about a new method being used on drunk driving suspects. bob: the search for answers and a suspect after a teenager is killed on an orange county basketball court. a central florida police officer is off the job. what they are accused of doing
10:59 pm
the search for suspects after several armed robberies at apartment complexes. the state issued a missing child alert. jaind ramirez, wearing a yellow jacket with blue jeans cut out at the knees, she was also wearing black tennis shoes. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you updates just as soon as we get them. police releasing a composite sketch of a person they say is behind a rash of robberies at several apartment complexes. police want this dangerous guy off the street. keith landry is live at headquarters. >> they were four quick crimes with a land gun. there is surveillance video. take a good look and maybe you
11:00 pm
a quick clip that shows two suspects leaving one of the crime scenes. detectives say they are looking for two young men in their early 20s wearing sweatshirts. investigators say early this morning they pointed a gun at four different victims and stole their belongings. reporter: what was going through your mind? >> it was scary. reporter: jimmalford has lived at the condos for 14 years and he never heard anything like this. they pulled out a gun, stole belongs and calmly walked away.


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